Basket Bros

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Basket Bros brings intense basketball matches between players when transforming into famous players. The goal is always to get more points to win.

Basket Bros Gameplay

This game follows the basic rules of a basketball game but interesting features have been added to match the online version. This is no stranger to online game enthusiasts. It also happens in a lot of other games on our website. Pokemon Fire Red is an example where you can play with your keyboard instead of the console handle. The features of the online version always bring you more convenience.

In this basketball game, you will control your character using arrow keys to move and a spacebar to jump and shoot your ball. These matches will give you an opponent. You need to score more points than your opponent to win. However, there will be differences when you participate in different modes. In particular, the competition will only happen in 2 Player and Tournament modes. Practice mode only provides a sports environment for you to practice alone and improve your ability.

Unique Features Of Online Version

The standout feature of the online version is the power-ups that players can use in competitive matches. According to statistics, you can use 6 main power-ups.

Speed Boost increases your movement speed while Shield provides a temporary shield around your character. During that time, Shield will keep you from getting hurt even if the opponent is attacking you.

Another standout power-up is the Freeze which helps you to freeze your opponent for a short time. If you can take advantage of this time, you can absolutely score more points and get closer to victory. Next, don't forget the Lighting Bolt which increases your speed dramatically, Slam Dunk for powerful dunks, and Three-Pointer for a long-range shot with 3 points. All power-ups are useful for you an achieve victory in basket battles.