Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower calls you on thrilling adventures with the Peppino character to conquer obstacles and enemies to complete 4 levels and destroy the tower.

Pizza Tower Details

Welcome to a new game on our website with a unique retro style! Coming to this game, you can experience the online version with thrilling levels. First, let's introduce a few basic details about this entertaining game.

This game was originally called Pizza Game, but it was renamed later. The new name is more appropriate for the character and plot of this game. There are many outstanding features for you to join the adventures with the main character, named Peppino. Peppino is a chef who always makes delicious pizza. He usually wears a black and white T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a chef's hat. The boy feels scared when he first enters the game, but every challenge will make him braver.

Returning to the main game, your character will experience adventures inside a dangerous tower where there are many deadly traps. They are always waiting for you to destroy yourself. In particular, the structure in the tower is built from the platforms that appear in many other classic games like Pokemon Fire Red. Transform into Peppino to conquer all puzzles, obstacles, and opponents while enjoying impressive graphics, vibrant sound, and humor.

All Pizza Tower Levels

This adventure game is divided into many different levels, including 4 main levels. They are Ancient Level, Water Level, Boulder Level, and Horror Level. Each level will contain its own characteristics to attract players. In particular, you do not need to play online games in the order of levels. It is comfortable to join any level you like. However, high levels always bring difficulties to challenge your ability. Therefore, please consider before choosing any level to join, especially high levels.

The characteristics of each level can be expressed through their theme. Through the name of the level, you can also see that. Besides, the way to control the character is similar across all levels. Use the arrow keys to navigate and the Z key to jump and attack.