Earn To Die

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Earn To Die takes you to a zombie world where zombies will constantly stand in your way. Take control of your truck to destroy them and move forward.

Earn To Die Series

This game is part of a series of games of the same name. You can see it on a lot of different platforms like PC, iOS, or Android. Now, it becomes even more convenient that you can access it online on our website for free. All your playtimes are free and you can play unlimited time.

This series of games is developed by Not Doppler with unique gameplay and attractive themes. Yes, the attractiveness of the theme has made the success of this game. Zombies are a fictional species and they do not appear in reality. Therefore, people's curiosity about it is always available and the birth of this game is always fascinating. The novelties of this creature always make players curious and want to explore.

Game Specific Information

This online game will require you to control a vehicle and earn money by completing levels and killing zombies. However, this task is not easy. Especially, when you need to reach the final destination, a lot of hazards will appear. To face the dangers, you can upgrade your vehicles with the money you earn. There are many parts that you can level up. Some good examples are engines, tires, and weapons. These upgrades will help you reach new levels more easily. Besides, choosing the right means of transport will also bring you many benefits. Make your choice based on terrain, obstacles, and number of zombies.

Finally, our website has some useful tips for you to conquer this game. Always focus on upgrading your vehicle because it is the key to going further. The more times you upgrade your vehicle, the farther you travel. Besides that, using the weapons properly also helps you move forward more smoothly.

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