Enchanted Heroes

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Enchanted Heroes is a battle between a hero and opponents to collect money and mysterious energies. The fighting method is simple when you just click to attack.

Combats In Enchanted Heroes

Battles are always happening in this action game. You must conquer each opponent to move forward. To prepare for online battles, you need to choose your hero first. While choosing your hero, remember to pay attention to the skills and abilities of that character to make appropriate choices. If you choose an unwanted hero, you don't need to worry because you can also upgrade your hero. Your hero can level up, power up each skill and unlock new abilities. Also, it is possible to unlock other heroes by performing these quests.

In each battle, you will lead your team against many opponents. Use your attack, spell, and support abilities to attack your enemies! Don't forget to use your own strategies to win. Besides the matches, the game also has many other interesting elements such as worlds, prizes, and items. In particular, the players will not be able to skip the list of quests.

List of Quests In The Game

In this Enchanted Heroes game, it gives you a lot of missions to conquer. For example, you can participate in the Main Story Quests which make up the main story of the game. By completing quests, you can uncover the mystery of the story and unlock new areas. Besides, Daily Quests is also an interesting part when participating in this online game. This mission will be reset daily to always bring new experiences to the players. Some of the featured missions in the Daily section are defeating enough enemies, collecting special items, and completing quests. In addition, there are many other quests such as Event Quest, Side Quest, or Challenge Quest.