Scary Teacher 3D

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Scary Teacher 3D is the hilarious revenge of students against their teacher. Make fun pranks while avoiding the teacher's detection in your teacher's house!

Scary Teacher 3D Gameplay

This game is developed by Z&K Games with unique gameplay: transform into a student and go to the teacher's house to take revenge. Teachers are always fear for students, but students often do not dare to do anything. That's why this online game was released to meet the needs of students. Transform into a student instantly and perform funny pranks in the teacher's house!

You can interact with surrounding objects to create unexpected effects. For example, you can throw things, turn on the faucet or open the drawers. With these actions, you can scare your teacher. In particular, don't let the teacher spot you. However, if the teacher spots you, run away immediately. Don't let the teacher catch you. Each time you are caught, your health will gradually decrease until 0 and the game will be over.

In the case of being detected, you just have to run until the teacher loses interest in you.

Rewards After Completing The Game

After completing this Scary Teacher 3D game, you can unlock a lot of new functions. You can get new pranks and abilities. In particular, coins will be provided for you to buy new items and upgrades. Note that you need to complete the objectives to earn coins. You can follow a few examples of objectives in this entertaining game below.

First, with successful teacher pranks, you always get coins. Besides, you can collect items around the teacher's house such as keys, toys, or documents. These items are also a valuable source of coins for you. Daily Rewards will also give you daily coins if you join the game every day. Be hard and you will gain many coins!