Pokemon Platinum

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Pokemon Platinum offers you a new Sinnoh world to continue your dream of becoming a professional Pokemon trainer by capturing and joining intense battles.

All About Pokemon Platinum

This game continues your journey after being released in 2008 in Japan in partnership with Game Freak and Nintendo. Besides the handheld console version, you can play it with the online version on our website with unexpected utilities.

Your Role In Pokemon Platinum

After the success of Pokemon Showdown, you will advance to a role in Pokemon Platinum as a young trainer to embark on adventures in the land of Sinnoh. Your goal is to win the Pokemon League Champion by battling other trainers, catching wild Pokemon, and exploring the surrounding habitats.

During your journeys, the gameplay remains the same as in other versions. You can use your own abilities and collect useful information from the characters around you. Based on those suggestions, you can find a way to move for yourself. On those roads, challenges are always waiting for you to discover. In particular, you will move through a lot of towns and cities. At these locations, you will fight other trainers and complete quests to continue the game.

Besides, don't forget to catch wild Pokemon by weakening them through battles and throwing a Pokemon ball at them. These Pokemon will give you many benefits such as having more allies and cooperating with you to fight.

Platinum Edition Highlights

This Pokemon Platinum version has many outstanding features such as graphics, design, missions, and gameplay. The developer has tried a lot to bring a more interesting version than the previous ones. In particular, they must ensure novelty while maintaining basic characteristics.

Coming to this new version, players cannot ignore Distortion World, a new land for all players. This land is also known as the Griseous Orb. Why does it have such a nickname? Because this area has a lot of strong Pokemon and gives you powerful Pokemon balls. Besides, the wars in this land will also be more challenging to advance to new goals.

The second most notable area is the Battle Frontier where you can fight other trainers and get valuable rewards. This land will have 5 facilities with its own challenges.

The Keyboard Controls

Because the game is an online session, all the controls revolve around a few hotkeys on the keyboard. You can follow the following information for more details.

  • Use the arrow keys to move your character in the Pokemon world. These keys also function to navigate while selecting options on the main screen.
  • The X key is an important key for interacting with objects in this online world. You can also use this key to select options and confirm choices in menus.
  • The Z key is similar to the X key but their functions are completely opposite. The Z key allows you to cancel options in menus or exit battles.

These controls are familiar because they also apply to many previous versions of Pokemon. This control is considered easy to follow and players usually do not face difficulties.