Pokemon Yellow

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Noteworthy information about Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow is a special version of the Pokemon game series. Traverse different lands to collect as many Pokemon as possible and join thrilling battles.

The adventure

If you are keen on Pokemon games like Pokemon Showdown, you should not ignore this game. Unlike other versions, this special edition tells about the friendship between Pikachu and Ash. When playing this game, you will play as Ash who dreams of becoming a professional Pokemon trainer. After visiting the laboratory of Doctor Oak, you will get a Pokeball that is used to hold Pokemon inside. Next, you leave Pallet Town and start your exciting adventure. Your partner will be Pikachu, which is a cute Pokemon. You will go through many lands in which you will encounter many Pokemon such as Pidgey, Magika, Paras, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Nidoqueen, and so on. They have different powers and abilities. You must defeat them to tame them.

The battles

During the adventure, you will meet many friends and professional Pokemon masters. They can challenge you to battle with you. Do not miss this attractive invitation because it is an opportunity for you to practice the skill of controlling Pokemon. During the fight, you must choose powerful Pokemon and ask them to attack your rival. You can click the Fight button to choose the power of your Pokemon. Do your best to defeat your opponent. Moreover, remember to find an Evolutionary Stone to evolve your Pokemon. After being evolved, they will be more powerful. However, keep in mind that Pikachu cannot evolve.

How to control

Press the arrow key to move to the left or right.

Press a Z or Enter key to choose.

All lands in Pokemon Yellow

This game offers 21 maps. Here are some remarkable spots that you must pay attention to.

  • Pewler City: As a major city in the Kanto region, this city is full of Pokemon that belong to gen 1, 2, and 3. When visiting this city, you can catch some Pokemon such as Pidgey, Spearow, Ekans, Jigglypuff, and Magikarp.
  • Cinnabar Island: This island is the home of a large volcano and red mineral. When going to this island, you should not ignore a famous spot which is the Cinnabar laboratory. The scientists in Cinnabar Lab can resurrect Pokemon from their Fossils.
  • Sea Foam: This is an island that is full of caves. Catchable Pokemon on this island are Psyduck, Seel, Horsea, Staryu, and Articuno.
  • Safari Zone: The next wonderful spot is Safari Zone. If you want to enter this zone, you must pay 500 dollars. In this zone, you can meet some rare Pokemon such as Pinsir, Tangela, Cubone, Scyther, Pinsir, and Chansey . Try to catch them if you can.
  • Celadon City: This city is located in central Kanto and has two entrances. You can go through Route 16 or 7 to enter this city. In this city, you can encounter some skilled Pokemon masters.
  • MT Moon: This is located in northern Kanto. You can go through Route 3 or 4 to reach it. In this place, you can find some Pokemon such as Paras, Zubat, Onix, and so on.