Pokemon Emerald

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Pokemon Emerald changes the game theme as you return to your hometown, Littleroot to seek out secrets through villagers' conversations and creature battles.

Pokemon Emerald Story

Coming to this game, you will meet a character, named Birch, a Pokemon professor. In this online world, you will continue to encounter wild creatures known as Pokemon and it is your habitat. In that environment, humans and Pokemon have many bonds and become playmates in many matches to cooperate and fight together. Pokemon is the perfect workmate for humans. Both can make up for shortcomings of each other and turn them into more powerful teams. It will be a team consisting of 1 player and 1 Pokemon.

However, the players are not only fighting with wild species but also with other teams. Therefore, improving the strength and connection between people and Pokemon is extremely important. In particular, although humans and Pokemon have a lot of closeness, too many secrets still exist around Pokemon. To discover those mysteries, you must participate in adventures.

Game Setting

This game has also been redesigned and becomes an online version available to all players. You can see this feature in many other games on our game website, especially Pokemon Showdown. This feature will be most evident in the control settings.

Pokemon Emerald's Controls

Similar to other games, you only need to use the keyboard to control your character. Each hotkey corresponds to a function and they can be combined to create great control methods. However, before knowing how to combine control keys, you need to understand the basic keys and their functions.

  • Use the X key to attack and select options.
  • Use the Z key to return or cancel the selections.
  • Arrow keys function to move.

These controls are all easy to use and can be grasped by any age group. This is a highlight element that makes this game suitable for many audiences. These keys are also not easy to confuse, so you can use them with confidence to win.

Settings Before Getting Started

Before this Pokemon Emerald game starts, you can make several choices for your character. The first choice is gender: girl or boy. Each gender will have its own representative character, so you should choose according to your preferences. It would be regrettable if you omit this option. After that, don't forget your name. You can type based on the virtual keyboard on the play screen. You can choose from lowercase to uppercase letters for your name.

Once you've set up your character, head out into a new land, the hometown of Littleroot where you can interact with other characters and find useful information to uncover hidden secrets. The first character you meet is your mother. Your mother is waiting for you at the land and she considers this place a peaceful place to live. She offered to tour your room. Start your journey in your room before moving on to other challenges. Dangers and challenges are always waiting for you on those roads! Pay attention!