Five Nights At Freddy's

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The playing guideline of Five Nights At Freddy's

Play Five Nights At Freddy's to experience the adrenaline when trying to stay alive for 5 nights. Keep animatronic robots away from the office room till 6 am.

This game is one of the best-selling horror video games because of its thrilling gameplay. Specifically, when you play this game, you will become a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. This restaurant attracts many customers because the animatronic robots can sing and dance. However, at night these animatronic robots that should be placed in the storeroom appear in other rooms in the restaurant. They have strange behaviors. If you look at the camera system, you can easily realize that they are trying to enter your office room. Their real purpose is to sneak into the office room and murder you. Therefore, you should be careful. Try to see all cameras to identify their positions. When they stand close to the office room, you must close the doors. Your goal is to stay alive till 6 am and for 6 nights at this restaurant. Keep in mind that the sixth night is a nightmare night because the animatronic robots will appear more regularly.

Pro strategies to survive in Five Nights At Freddy's

This horror game is really challenging, so I think you need some effective strategies to stay alive for 6 nights. Here are some useful tips.

  • Identify the positions of all enemies and understand their moves.
  • Wear headphones while playing this game. This helps you hear the footsteps of the animatronic robots clearly.
  • Look at the cameras carefully because some animatronic robots hide in the dark. One hint is to look for glowing eyes in the dark rooms.
  • Do not waste your power because it is limited. You just open the camera system, turn on the light, or close the doors when necessary.

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