Five Nights At Spongebobs

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How to survive in Five Nights At Spongebobs

Play as a night guard in Five Nights At Spongebobs now. Close the doors and the vents to keep Nickelodeon characters away from the office room.

This game is inspired by the famous horror series named Five Nights at Freddy's. However, in this game, you are hired to protect a restaurant that is famous for the Nickelodeon characters. At night, these Nickelodeon characters will move around the restaurant and attack everyone. They will try to enter the office room and kill you. Therefore, you must be careful. You must open the camera system and see all cameras to know their positions. When they are standing near the office room, you must click the red button to close the doors. Then, you need to hold the white button to cover the vents to stop them from entering the room. Keep doing this till 6 am. Note that the power in this game is limited. When the power reaches zero, you cannot close the doors or cover up the vents. It is an opportunity for the Nickelodeon characters to enter the room freely. Therefore, I advise you to save the power if you can. Just close the doors or cover up the vents when necessary.

All nights in Five Nights At Spongebobs

This game requires you to stay alive for 5 nights at the restaurant. If you can do that, you will be paid a high salary. Note that the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. Therefore, the fifth night is considered to be the most challenging level in this game because the Nickelodeon characters appear more regularly on this night. You must take caution at all times if you want to survive.

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