Cluster Truck Online

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Cluster Truck Online tests your controlling ability to steer your truck through a series of obstacles to reach your destination and complete a level.

The Objective Of Cluster Truck Online

This online game will give you special challenges with your truck. This game is developed by Landfall Game with an adventure theme. Since the first version in 2016, many improved versions have been released. However, neither version can beat the online version on our website. Let's join this game immediately to experience extreme challenges!

This game will be divided into many different levels and each level has a destination. When you reach this destination safely, you are able to finish the level. If you fail, you will have to restart that level until it succeeds before proceeding to the next level.

To achieve this goal, you need to navigate your truck to conquer a series of obstacles. Your obstacles are other trucks that are arranged in different locations. You can just jump on the ceilings of these cars and move. Your truck will be injured if it falls to the ground. Make sure your truck never hits the ground!

Competitive Element With Achievement Table

You can compete with other players by completing a level in the shortest time. After each level, the game will summarize your achievements and you can use that leaderboard to compare with other players.

To run as fast as possible, you need to master the principles of moving your truck: use the spacebar to jump and use the right and left arrow keys to move sideways. With only these 3 joysticks, you can easily navigate your car. Note that you should combine the control keys to be more effective in conquering the challenges. After conquering all levels of Cluster Truck Online, you can test your abilities with other games like Pokemon Yellow, an exciting adventure game with Pokemon battles.