Color Tunnel

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Color Tunnel challenges all players thanks to its extremely fast movement speed without any power-ups. Only use your ability to conquer the furthest distance!

The Color Tunnel Features

Developed with the online version, this game can reach a wide range of players all over the world and gives every user outstanding features. The first feature is its colorful graphics. You will run in tunnels that are multicolored and change over time. It is hard to find any game with more colors than this one and Pokemon Emerald is no exception in this situation. You can see through each platform in the tunnel and even the obstacles. Each object has a striking color. It is like a sign to signal the exciting races ahead.

Besides, the speed of the game is also a highlight as the speed is fast from the start. No time to get used to it! You must adapt to this speed immediately. Moving around the tunnel and avoiding obstacles has never been easy at this speed. In particular, the shape and movement speed of the obstacles are also extremely diverse. It adds to the difficulty of the game.

Finally, the scoring of this running game is simple. You just need to run as far as possible to get a higher score and the point unit is meters, the distance unit.

Tips To Run Far

For this challenging game, you need some effective strategy to win many high achievements. For example, you need to be calm and patient to counter the game's movement speed. Try to keep your eyes on the continuous tracks and be prepared for the upcoming obstacles. Besides, the way you avoid obstacles is also very important to get a high score. Moving in the opposite direction of the obstacles will give you more benefits.