Pokemon Ash Gray

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It is time to head an exciting journey in Pokemon Ash Gray. Try to become the best Pokemon master by capturing Pokemon and battling with other trainers.

The storyline of Pokemon Ash Gray

It is possible to say that the story of this game is fairly similar to the original movie. In this game, you will become Ash who is a smart boy. One day, you wake up too late. Then, you must hurry to go to the house of Professor Oak to get your starter Pokemon. After that, you will start an exciting adventure in which you can meet many close friends such as Misty and Brock. You practice hard and catch many Pokemon to prepare for the Pokemon League. In this league, you will encounter many mighty opponents such as Jessie, James, and Meowth from Team Rocket. If you want to become the champion, you must defeat them.

Your missions in Pokemon Ash Gray

Traverse many lands

When playing this game, you will get a chance to explore many wonderful sceneries of the Pokemon world. Here is the list of lands you will travel to.

  • Viridian City: This is the first place you will reach after leaving Pallet Town. In this city, you will meet Team Rocket. You must defeat them and purchase some potions or Pokeball in the Poke Mart.
  • Viridian Forest: In this forest, you will be ambushed by Team Rocket again. You must chase them away and catch other Pokemon such as Pidgeotto and Caterpie.
  • Pewter City: In this city, you will go to the Pewter Pokemon Gym and challenge its gym leader to join a battle with you. After the fight, a guy named Flint will give you a Light Ball.
  • Mt. Moon: When coming to this zone, you must defeat a wild Zubat to save a scientist named Seymour. This man wants you to get back the stolen Moon Stone of Mt Moon.
  • St. Anne: Next, you will reach St. Anne. Let's head to the St. Anne captain's room and gets the Poke Ball, which contains a Hatchet.
  • Saffron City: When reaching this city, you are stopped by two girls. They take you to Silph Co. Then, you will be teleported to Saffron Pokemon Gym and join a battle with a purple-haired man.

Battle with Pokemon and Pokemon masters

Your biggest rival in this game is Team Rocket including Jessie, James, and Meowth. They follow you and ambush you everywhere. You must guide your Pokemon to blast them off and send them flying. To do that, select your strongest Pokemon and build a competitive Pokemon team. You must understand their features before building a team. Moreover, during the battle, you are allowed to use purchased or picked-up items to make your Pokemon more powerful. This helps to increase your winning chance.

Besides fighting against Pokemon masters, you may need to capture more wild Pokemon during your journey. To catch them, you must control your Pokemon battle with them. However, you should not make them faint. Instead, throw your Pokeball on them when they are weak. You can heal them in the Pokemon Center or train them to raise their levels. Interesting, right? Do not hesitate to head off your wonderful adventure in the Pokemon world now. After completing the adventure, you can join the battle with Gary in Pokemon Showdown.