Pokemon Light Platinum

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Description of Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is a cool game offering a new adventure. You have to fight against different Pokemon masters and save the world from danger now.

The story behind the game

One day, you have a strange dream which is about the fight between Pokemon. Then, when you wake up, you find that you are in a mysterious place and witness a battle between Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina which are legendary Pokemon. However, you realize that this is only a nightmare and you try to escape from it. When you wake up one more time, you are at home. Your mother said that Professor Jasmine needs your help. Therefore, you go to the house of the Professor. After reading the inscriptions written in the secret language of Alpha on a sculpture, she finds that the balance of the power of Arceus will gradually be broken. If his power disappears, the world will be in danger. Therefore, you are assigned an important mission which is to destroy the scripture before evil forces discover its power.

The gameplay

In this game, you will not only save the world but also join the Zhery League. You must leave Yellow Town and travel to different lands to catch Pokemon. Train them hard to make them more powerful. Then, you will meet many Pokemon trainers such as Solana, Diamond, Kenta Lunick, Perla, Lance, Shinora, Eusine, Steven, and so on. Moreover, you also need to defeat Team Stream. Try to take down the leaders of Team Stream to get an ancient scripture in the final room and then take this back to Professor Jasmine.

Actually, the way of controlling Pokemon in this game is fairly similar to Pokemon Showdown. All you need to do is to choose suitable Pokemon and then guide them to attack your rivals' Pokemon. When the HP statistic of your Pokemon reaches zero, it will return to the Pokeball inside. Unlike other Pokemon games, this game is known for its difficulty. In this game, you will encounter many grass and bug Pokemon that can cause negative effects on your Pokemon. Your Pokemon can be riddled with poison or sleeping power. One tip to get a victory is to choose Fire Pokemon.

How to control

Press an X or Enter key to choose.

Press the Z key to exit.

Press the arrow keys to move.

The origin of Pokemon Light Platinum

This game was inspired by the Pokemon film franchise and was released on October 27th, 2008. The developer, WesleyFG, launched this game in two languages which are English and Portuguese. It is considered to be a ROM hack version as well as an unofficial fanmade version. However, now it is available on our web browser and can be played on a PC. Therefore, you should play this game to take part in an exciting adventure in the Pokemon world. Featuring addictive gameplay and awesome graphics, this game is appreciated by many players and fans. It is one of the must-try Pokemon games.