Pokemon Red

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Pokemon Red is an upgraded version of graphics and effects. Let's continue the journey with Pokemon and find out the secrets in the land of Kanto.

About This Game

Continuing the series of Nintendo developers, you have the opportunity to experience a new online game. Nintendo is also the publisher of Pokemon Showdown, one of the most popular games on our website. You can access and play this new game for free and search for other related games.

Returning to today's main topic, Pokemon Red, this new game will also not disappoint you by giving you new experiences while maintaining the basic features of a Pokemon game.

Start Pokemon Red

To start this game, you just need to press the X key, the key to make any choice. After that, you will see two Pokemon competing against each other. An intense battle demo will immediately appear and signal intense battles ahead.

Before entering the official matches, you can go to the Options section to set up by using the arrow keys to move and the X key to select. In this section, you can choose text speed from slow to fast, battle animation, and battle style. Although these factors do not directly affect your matches, they can help you have a better experience. Make choices that suit your preferences and devices to play online games with the most enjoyment.

Join The Red World

Welcome to the world of Pokemon in the Pokemon Red version! Coming to this world, you will meet Oak, a Pokemon PROF. You and Oak are in the habitat of a creature called Pokemon. This creature has many roles in this world. Some people will treat Pokemon as a pet while others use them to fight. However, Oak studies Pokemon as a profession.

To officially enter this world, introduce your name to Oak by choosing the available names or typing a new name. After that, get acquainted with Oak's grandson who will be your rival, and enter the official world of Pokemon Red!

What You Do In Pokemon Red

Entering this online Pokemon world, you will return to your house first where your mother is waiting, and provide you with the necessary information. All the boys in the village have left and Oak has found you to discover the truth for this event. Next, you need to search for other details to serve the process of finding the truth in this world. The journey will officially begin. In particular, you will continue to face dangers and challenges to complete your mission.

Your quest will consist of 8 badges that you need to collect from the Kanto region. Along the way, there will be many opponents who you need to destroy to overcome. Don't forget to uncover the secrets. In particular, the reason for the departure of all the village boys will lead you to a surprising truth. Everything has a connection with the creature that dominates this place, Pokemon. Therefore, don't forget to use Pokemon hints to make the game easier. Training with Pokemon will help you become stronger and get a lot of useful experience. However, you will need to catch a Pokemon before you can use this feature.

How to control: Use the arrow keys for directions and the X key for selection and attack.