Pokemon Ruby

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Pokemon Ruby takes you to the towns of Littleroot and Oldale to continue your journey in the Pokemon habitat. Quickly gather information and win the battles.

World Of Pokemon Ruby

Welcome back to the Pokemon world! Surely, you have experienced a lot of interesting things through Pokemon Showdown. Now, you can continue your journey in a new version, called the Pokemon Ruby game. This version continues to be an online game that allows you to play on any platform with your smart device. With only one keyboard, you can play this game smoothly.

Your instructor is Birch, a Pokemon Professor. Birch has always been researching Pokemon in the land of Littleroot, your hometown. These Pokemon can become your friends or partners, or enemies in this online game. It all depends on your upcoming adventure journey. Let's start the game in your hometown and start looking for useful details to uncover the secret in this new Ruby version.

Full Playthrough

After choosing a name and character for you, you will proceed to the official rounds at Littleroot and other towns. Take your first steps with the arrow keys and discover unexpected truths!

Start Your Mission In Pokemon Ruby

In this town, you will enter your house first and you will notice the clock and your mother. These two details will take you to the next house with a girl next door. This girl is Birch's daughter. She used to help her father catch wild Pokemon. Talk to her and get valuable information!

After that, find the victims around and help them. These victims can bring you Pokemon balls. Choose one of 3 balls before participating in the battles between Pokemon.

Journeys To The New Places

Each Pokemon will show its power. You need to guide your Pokemon to defeat the opponent. While fighting, pay attention to the health bar to protect yourself. Every fight between Pokemon takes place in the same basic sequence. You just need to master that principle to win all the wars. Although you are sometimes defeated, it will always be a valuable experience to continue new journeys.

After that, don't forget to chat with other characters and move forward. The challenges are still many and so are the battles. In particular, you can participate in Trainer courses to improve your own abilities. Trainers will appear as soon as you win the first Pokemon. The first Trainer course is Route 101 where you will move through a forest and find the entrance to battle with the Zigzagoon Pokemon. In addition, there are other Pokemon like Wurmple. These Pokemon are at different levels and the difficulty of the battles will also be different.

Another town is Oldale Town where you can go to Pokemon Mart and proceed to Route 102 and Router 103 trainer. Pokemon Mart will give you a lot of valuable and useful items while the battles at 102 and 103 will become more intense.

In conclusion, your journey in towns will continue in similar ways. You will continue to gather information from other characters, participate in battles, and collect items. Your goal is always to explore the entire map and find out the truth behind Birch's story. Achieving this goal always depends on your ability. Besides, there will be many different routes that each player can explore and show off their abilities.