Pokemon Sapphire

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Exciting facts about Pokemon Sapphire

Start a new adventure in Pokemon Sapphire now. Let's battle with the leader of Team Aqua and stop their plans of destroying the Hoenn region.

The intro

The story in this game takes place in the Hoenn region in which you will meet Professor Birch and start your new adventure. Team Aqua is an evil team who always wants to destroy the Hoenn region by raising the Hoenn's water level. They kidnapped Professor Cozmo in Meteor Falls and hid in Mt. Chimney. They force the professor to use the meteorite to make the volcano erupt. You hear this news when rescuing a worker from Devon in the Petalburg Woods. Therefore, you run quickly to Mt. Chimney to save Professor Cozmo. You must defeat the leader of Team Aqua. After being defeated, this evil team changed their plan. They plan to steal a Castform from the Weather Institute to change the weather in the Hoenn region. Moreover, they also want to steal an orb that can be used to wake up a legendary Pokemon. This Pokemon can cause rainstorms. You must beat this Pokemon and stop the evil plans of Team Aqua.

The playing rules

Like Pokemon Showdown, this game also requires you to join different Pokemon battles. In the Pokemon, you must select one of your Pokemon inside your Pokeball and ask them to attack your rival. You will lose if all your Pokemon are defeated. Note that you will gain many experience points after winning Pokemon fights. Accumulate as many experience points as possible to raise your level and evolve your Pokemon. The evolved Pokemon are more powerful and cause more damage. Besides taking part in battles, you also need to catch wild Pokemon along the way. You must fight against them and then use your Pokeball on them to capture them. Let's play this game now to explore many lands and find Team Aqua. Your goal is to break the evil plans of Team Aqua and protect the Hoenn region.

How to control

Press X or Enter to select.

Press the Z key to return.

Press the arrow keys to move around.

New things you can explore in Pokemon Sapphire

Although the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to other Pokemon games, this game also features new things that can surprise you. The remarkable new feature of this game is double battles. In the double battles, you and your opponent can use two Pokemon at the same time to fight against each other. Moreover, in this game, you can discover secret bases. You can use your items to decorate these bases. In addition, unlike other versions, this game has no difference between day and night. Furthermore, one interesting thing about this game is the innate abilities of the Pokemon. All Pokemon belonging to a certain piece will have a certain innate ability. A Pokemon piece has immunity against certain types of moves or strengthening a certain type of move. The developer said that these innate abilities will affect the stats of Pokemon in the battles.