Sinister Squidward

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The gameplay of Sinister Squidward

Play Sinister Squidward which is a thrilling escape game featuring horror elements. Jump onto dice to get out of the room as soon as possible.

Imagine that one day you wake up in a big room. You find that you get trapped in this big room. You are too small to open the door of the room. What will you do? Let's look around the room and you can see three dice. You must utilize them to jump over the door and escape from the room as fast as possible. First, you push the dice near the door. Then, jump as high as possible onto them. Be careful with a giant rat. It can appear at any time and attack you. When it wants to approach you, you must run as fast as possible to stay away from the rat. Try not to be bitten by the rat and stay alive as long as you can.

This game is a fan-made horror survival game developed by Rinbash. It was launched on February 3, 2023. Like Pokemon Soulsilver, this game is also playable on the PC.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press the Spacebar two times to make double jumps.

Press an F key to interact with objects.

Use the mouse to control the camera view.

All levels in Sinister Squidward

This game has three levels. Each level has a different level of difficulty. For example, the first level is the easiest level while the third level is the most challenging level. On the third level, you must escape from three rooms. Moreover, there are more dice in the rooms on the third level. Keep in mind that all levels are available for gameplay. Therefore, you can choose one of them to play. I recommend you try playing from the easiest level to the most challenging level.