Wheelie Bike 2

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Wheelie Bike 2 provides you with a unique movement way when you have to keep the balance of your bike while popping the front wheelie to run as far as possible.

Wheelie Bike 2 Controls

When you join this online game, the most important thing is how to play it, in particular, how to control your bike. At the starting stage, your bike will be behind a purple line. To start moving, press the left mouse button. Your vehicle will move in a normal state.

However, the gameplay is unusual: you have to pop a wheelie to move. To do this, you need to hold down the left mouse button to keep the pop-a-wheelie state. To stop this state, you just need to release it. You need to coordinate these two controls to keep your bike in balance. The front wheel of the bike is not allowed to touch the ground while your character can't touch the ground either. This mission will become more and more difficult as you progress to further locations with different terrain. Now, let's move on to the dangers and how to conquer them in the next section!

Dangers and Conquests

This game offers challenges for all players through the terrain of your map. You will face steep slopes or hills. These terrains will make you easily lose your balance. Besides, the frequency of occurrence of obstacles will increase to challenge your control ability. To conquer these challenges, you will need useful strategies to move.

In the starting stage, you should move slowly to adapt to the terrain as well as this unique move. Don't rush your wheelie too fast because it is harder to maintain balance during movement. In addition, always make sure to pop your wheelie with the left mouse button while combining both press and release. Your goal is always to move as far as possible to get the highest score. Your highest score will be saved and shown in the bottom left.