Blackflip Dive 3D

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Learn to flip in Backflip Dive 3D

Try playing Blackflip Dive 3D to experience an exciting feeling when flipping in the air now. Flip and land on the designated squares to gain a high score.

The gameplay of of this game is fairly simple. You must need to hold the left mouse button to bend at your knees into a high squat. When you are asked, release the left mouse button to jump in the air and flip. While flying, you must hold the left mouse button to perfect the tuck. Your objective is to land on the designated squares without falling. Note that there are three squares with different sizes. The smaller the square is, the higher score you can get. You must earn at least 300 points to complete a level. You will earn many coins after winning a level. Note that if this level is too challenging for you, you can skip it and move to the next level. Moreover, you can spin the lucky wheel to claim extra coins.

How to control:

Click the left mouse button to get ready.

Release the left mouse button to flip.

All maps in Backflip Dive 3D

Like Pokemon Sapphire, this game also has many game maps. There are 13 game maps in this game. They are The Gym, The Mountain, The City, The Funhouse, The Factory, The Ship, The Island, The Haunted House, The Space, The Farm, The Winterland, The Kitchen, and The Jungle. Each game map has 7 levels. There are a total of 91 challenging levels in this game. Note that you must complete the levels in order. Moreover, you must win all levels of a map to unlock the next map. For example, if you want to unlock the Mountain map, you must accomplish all stages in the Gym map. Try to explore all maps in this game now.