Just Fall Lol

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Just Fall Lol is a multiplayer battle to conquer obstacles while trying to reach the destination before other players to win. Let's beat all other players now!

This game is completely different from Pokemon Ruby because you need to compete with other players.

Multiplayer Competitive Gameplay

This game may be familiar to many players because it is popular on all those platforms. Now, it becomes easier to access on our website when you just need to click on its icon and start the game for free.

This online game is famous for its multiplayer gameplay where you compete head-to-head with other players. In particular, the players can move forward freely and create unique paths. You just need to ensure the safety of your character and complete your mission. However, it is challenging to control your character. Your character is inspired by jelly with a unique way of moving. Jelly is hard to balance and so it is the same with your character. You will be constantly leaning in different directions. Get used to this move quickly and move forward using the arrow keys!

Levels And Power-ups in Just Fall Lol

This running game is divided into many different levels. Each level allows multiple players to complete at the same time. However, the higher the level, the fewer players complete until there is only one winner. There are many reasons for this problem. It could be due to the increasing difficulty. It could also be due to the mode of the game to find the ultimate winner.

Besides the racetrack, you can also collect power-ups to strengthen your character. Two prominent power-ups are shield and bomb to help you protect yourself and destroy opponents. Let's collect them on your way, use them in a suitable way and take them advantages to gain victory!