Plants vs Zombies

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The gameplay of Plants vs Zombies

Welcome to an endless fight between Plants vs Zombies. Merge two identical plants to raise their levels and place them along the way to battle with zombies.

The battle between plants and zombies does not end. Zombies are still coming to attack your houses. Your mission is to grow different plants along the way and these plants will help you defeat the zombies. Note that you can combine two identical plants to raise their level. Upgraded plants will be more powerful. After killing the zombies, you will earn a lot of coins. You can use these coins to buy more plants. There are 4 kinds of plants you can unlock.

  • Rapid-fire plants: These plants will shoot bullets at zombies constantly. They include peashooters, boomerangs, gooseberries, and cactuses.
  • Poisonous plants: These plants will poison the zombies. They include Dahlias, mushrooms, primroses, and largemouth plants.
  • Frozen plants: These plants will freeze the zombies and decrease their speed. They include ice fairies, ice mushrooms, crystals, and ice dragons.
  • Spray plants: These plants will shoot nuts constantly at coming zombies. They include bearberries, carrots, witches, and akaimumus.

Do your best to win all battles and reach the highest level. Furthermore, I invite you to join another more thrilling battle in Pokemon Ash Gray.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the plants.

The shop in Plants vs Zombies

In the shop, you can buy a diamond box, a treasure chest, and a supreme treasure chest. Note that 5 diamond boxes and 5 treasure chests are free. Therefore, you can open them without paying money to claim valuable rewards such as plants, coins, and gems. In contrast, the supreme treasure chest costs 500 diamonds. You must use your diamonds to buy it because the supreme treasure chest contains more valuable rewards. Besides, you can spin the lucky wheel to earn more rewards such as gold, diamonds, epic cards, rand cards, and rare cards. Keep in mind that you can spin this lucky wheel five times a day for free.