Poke Clicker

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Poke Clicker is a simple clicking game to kill all Pokemon in 23+ routes and collect proper rewards. The Pokemon battles will continue to take place!

Poke Clicker Map

Coming to this online game, you will get the help of Professor Oak who also helps you in Pokemon Red. However, in this new journey, you will experience new wonders when entering the world of Pokemon. In particular, you can follow the newspaper game map with 23+ locations for you to explore.

Each location will be named Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, and up to the last Route. This naming may remind you of the Trainer courses in other Pokemon versions. It is exactly like that. Each path in this game is a challenge for the players to destroy the players. However, the way of fighting in this game will be completely different from other games. It becomes a lot simpler. Let's find out the details in the next section.

Simple Gameplay Of The New Version

Your task in each Route is to defeat enough of the required number of Pokemon to progress to the new level. The next route will be opened after you click on that route on the map.

The fighting method in the game is also quite simple. You just need to click on the Pokemon that appears on the main screen to destroy it. Each Pokemon will have a different amount of health, so the number of clicks will also change. Besides, the value of the Pokemon will also be different. For example, Rattata will give you $24 while Pidgey will cost you $26. However, this value can also change based on the level of the Pokemon. You should pay attention to this factor to click most effectively.

For information about the game, look at the information table on the screen. For example, in the upper left, you can see a list of Pokemon with their attack count and level. Below, you can track your coins, dungeon tokens, quest points, click attack, pokemon attack, exp multiplier, money multiplier, and catch bonus. These figures are all achievements you have achieved while participating in this game. Also, don't forget to raise your Pokeball, experience, catch time, and money multiplier by using your collected money.